Obtaining Cypriot citizenship has never been as fast and simple as it is now. Assuming you have the means to afford it. But what are the main benefits of making this significant investment in Cypriot citizenship? What do you really get for the cost? What is the return on your citizenship investment?

  1. Ability to Travel Freely
    A Cypriot passport means you are able to enter visa-free or visa-on-arrival in almost 160 countries. It’s been ranked as the 17th best passport to have worldwide. Imagine what that can do for your business. Say Goodbye to waiting weeks on end for your visa to arrive so you can have a meeting with a potential partner based in another country. That alone would bring immense advantages for your business.
  2. Tax Advantages
    Obtaining Cypriot citizenship doesn’t result in any extra taxes unless one chooses to become a local tax resident. If you are a business owner, the island has one of the lowest rates of corporate tax in Europe, at 12.5% for tax residents. You won’t pay any additional tax such as personal income tax if you are a non-tax resident, and you’ll be granted relief from capital & foreign exchange gains and inheritance tax.
  3. Access to Europe and Its Market
    As an investor, having instant access to the Single European Market is a great return on investment. You’ll be able to have freedom in setting up your business anywhere in Europe, unrestricted trade and investment opportunities and options.
  4. An Investment, Not a Donation
    You are not just donating your wealth when investing in the program to obtain Cypriot citizenship – you’re investing in your long-term profit. You are allowed to sell a big chunk of your purchase investment after a mere 3 years considering you keep a property or asset worth half a million. Looking at rising property prices, that could offer a great ROI in a few years’ time.
  5. Improved Standard of Living
    And we don’t just mean the weather! Having a location with a stable political environment, a low crime rate and great conditions for families is of great value too.

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