A low-cost office
for your company
in Cyprus.


We provide you with the substance you need for your
Cyprus company to ensure your tax advantages.

The Opportunity

Cyprus is offering substantial advantages for foreign owned companies.

The Problem

Authorities in your home country are suspicious of so-called letterbox companies which is why it is essential to have a physical presence in Cyprus, with a real office, a local phone number and a Cyprus internet domain, even if you don’t have local staff and you rarely visit.

The Solution

The services of Royce Office Cyprus are tailored to provide you with the necessary substance, like an office, a secretary answering your company’s phone or arrangements for your Cypriot website. If you want help forming the company we can recommend trusted partners.

Depending on your needs, we support you with a locally answered exclusive phone line, give your company a neutral business address, find suitable personnel to serve as the local management and lease a complete office to you for exclusive or shared use. We take over all the little steps and tasks that are necessary for the operation of an orderly and well-run permanent establishment.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Royce Office Cyprus


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Office 201
91 Athalassis Avenue
2024 Strovolos

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Unit 201
91 Athalassis Avenue
2024 Strovolos

+357 22 028095
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Royce Office Cyprus is a trademark of kwak Holdings.


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