Office in Cyprus
for just
300 €/Month

With us, you get exactly the substance your company needs.

This is Irmengard, your Secretary.

Irmengard came from Germany to Cyprus many years ago. She speaks fluently English, German, and Greek. She is the good soul in our office.

Irmi welcomes your visitors, if any. She answers incoming calls to your company phone number and forwards calls or messages to you. She can write letters for you, organize travel, collect and file accounting records, and remind you of appointments: Irmi is the perfect secretary and assists you with everything you need in the office – just be careful not to get addicted.

Best of all, you only pay for Irmi’s time if she works for you. We calculate working hours in 6-minutes-steps so that your fixed costs remain low.

As much office as you need

You know the situation: although you need an office to get the recognition you want from banks and authorities, you will only use it sometimes when making your important decisions in Cyprus.

The necessary “substance” is the most important thing for tax recognition of a Cypriot company in Central Europe. Local tax accountants are very knowledgeable about local customs. However, they have no idea which details are important for your home administration. That’s why your local consultant simply sends you to search for an “office space”.



We have researched this topic extensively. We used the German’s take about “permanent establishment” because Germany is known to have the most thorough, and greedy, tax authority there is. We have aligned our service offer to meet even German requirements, because that way we are quite sure that other countries’ expectations are met, too.

Thus, the permanent establishment does not depend on you renting a whole office space only for yourself. On the other hand, a hot desk in a coworking center is not enough. Also, it is very bad if you share your address with a tax accountant, lawyer or a corporate service company.

Our offer for you is optimized in terms of cost: You rent a shared office and a file container that is exclusively available to you. You get a normal lease contract for an office room, a key and 24/7 access.

We also arrange for your very own telephone land line, that way providing you with an utility bill.

Compliance, Compliance, Compliance

In the filing cabinet you collect all the documents proving that your company is based in Cyprus and that the relevant decisions are taken here (or at least not in your home country).

These are accounting documents, balance sheets, correspondence with tax advisors and business partners, and, in particular, protocols of board meetings.

We regularly remind you to refresh your documentation and we write flawless minutes of meetings based on the informal notes you send us and, if required, also submit them to the Secretary of your company so that they are duly recorded.

Oh, you don't yet have a Company in Cyprus?

We work closely with a traditional law firm that can handle your business start-up in Cyprus professionally. Your contact is the senior partner of a law firm founded in 1923. He specializes in corporate law. His list of customers includes many names that you know and he is also the trusted lawyer of many embassies in Cyprus. He may not be the cheapest lawyer, but the performance equals the price.

Please ask your questions.

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